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Welcome to Poly to Poly

March 5, 2020

Poly To Poly, a new start-up supported by InnoEnergy France, offers a new kind of service on the plastic market.

Indeed, Poly To Poly is striving for a cleaner planet by creating a platform where plastic recyclers and plastic converters can meet according to offer or demand. Thanks to a reliable network of European recyclers and a digital solution, Poly To Poly supports plastic converters to optimise their supply chain and create a circular economy. Poly To Poly is a digital platform that aims to create bridges between two worlds: the complex science of assessment and the international polymers market. The start-up is collecting data through precise and homogenized processes to answer converters’ needs and protect the environment.

Poly To Poly joined InnoEnergy because the start-up has big ambitions. The fact that InnoEnergy is an European player is one of the reasons for joining. Indeed, Poly To Poly works in an international market, and wants to become a “game-changer” in the sector of waste and circular economy for plastic industrials. To do so, it needs to be backed by key European players. We’ll help them to recruit recyclers from all over Europe on their platform. 

Finally, InnoEnergy’s tailored support matches Poly To Poly’s will to be advised, challenged and taken to the next step.