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Your trusted partner and smart investor to make your company a global success for a sustainable world

Why you should join us

Join a major player in sustainable energy

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From researchers to business leaders and policy-makers, we have access to the organisations that drive the global energy sector . We know the sector’s needs and its specific innovation challenges.

Barbera van der Hoek

CEO, Watch-e

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“Energy is a very complex market. Having InnoEnergy as a partner and investor is very helpful for us because they understand what energy is about”

Creating impact globally

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We look for ambitious ideas with global impact. Our global perspective is empowered by a multi-national infrastructure and in-depth relationships with major industry actors and influencers around the world.


Caroline Deforeit

CEO, Steadysun

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“InnoEnergy helped us not only with money but most important through their European network. We are now selling in 15 european countries”.


Choose long-term relationships

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Our long-term success is based on your long-term success. You get a partner that will accompany you all the way. We are together and our objective is clear: increasing your chances of success.

Jaime Lledó

CEO, Tecnoturbines

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“One of the most beneficial things about InnoEnergy is that that they are a long term partner and they understand the reality of industrial product development: they’re not expecting a quick profit in 12 months like some other accelerators.”

Sharing risk

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Our investment model, long-term strategies, proven services, and ecosystem of partners decrease the risks and shorten the time to market for innovative new solutions.

Benjamin de Buttet

Sales Manager, DC Brain

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“InnoEnergy is not just a shareholder, it’s a partner. They provide a well balanced support, being there when we need them and at the same time we can maintain our autonomy”

Join our trusted innovation ecosystem

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You join a thriving, dynamic and diverse ecosystem of experts, customers, labs, talent and funding around the world.

Björn Berg

Chairman of the Board, Ngenic

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“We got access to a large polish utility through InnoEnergy’s network. Being supported by InnoEnergy facilitated that they trust us. We are now working with them”

What our start-ups say about us

They have experienced it and this is what they think.


“Energy is a very complex market. Having InnoEnergy as partner and investor is very helpful for us, because they understand what energy is about.“
Barbera van der Hoek, CEO, Watch-e


“InnoEnergy has helped us to adopt global mind set from the start.“
Björn Jernström, founder and CEO, Ferroamp


“InnoEnergy really helped us to move from a start-up state and scale internationally to find the right partners and grow our impact and we are now waiting for the next investment round to even scale further and internationalize.“
Theresa Steininger, CEO, Wohnwagon


“The key benefits of joining the Highway were building our product, commercialisation and exposure: we have raised €1 million from an investor at The Business Booster.“
Siten Mandalia, CEO, Solaris Offgrid