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Graphmatech and Add North 3D launch super-conductive 3D printable material with Aros Graphene®

Graphmatech and Add North 3D announced the release of their first jointly developed product – the Koltron G1. The product is the result of over 12 months of intensive research and development with a super material as an outcome – a fully… Read More

EIT InnoEnergy new shareholder in CaCharge

EIT InnoEnergy invests in CaCharge. The promising Swedish company provides an advanced and complete EV charging solution that converts parking spaces into profitable charging stations.  CaCharge’s solution includes a charging box together with services and operations that allow operators with multiple charging sites – such as… Read More

Entech Smart Energies wins a stationary storage system market in French Guiana

[Press release, 5th November 2019] Entech SE wins a stationary storage system market in French Guiana   Entech SE has won a market for the supply of two stationary storage systems for developer Voltalia. This project, called Mana Storage, is located in the municipality of Mana in the… Read More

Welcome to illicov at InnoEnergy France

InnoEnergy France just welcomed a new project: the company La Roue Verte, and its new service called illicov that we will support. Currently, daily carpooling is stagnating because the solutions that are being developed do not meet commuters’ expectations. And yet there is a need: cities… Read More

Ecovat admitted to Mission Innovation top list, a worldwide initiative launched by 24 countries and the European Union

Ecovat welcomed to Mission Innovation Breakthroughs (MI) of most innovative companies in the field of energy transition. Impact, potential and innovative power Ecovat reasons for admission. Ecovat board anticipates international attention for the Ecovat technology.   The Veghel-based company and EIT InnoEnergy supported ECOVAT, developer of an intelligent energy storage… Read More

InnoEnergy invests in Wheelme startup

InnoEnergy, has recently invested in a Polish startup called Wheelme, which aggregates the services of shared mobility services on a single map.The Wheelme app is meant to be a tool which shows people that you don’t need to own a car to get to your destination quickly and comfortably. The startup wants to actively promote forms of urban transport which reduce exhaust fumes, resource consumption and noise levels. Read More


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Finals Pitching event Call for start-ups in electrical storage

To identify the best up-and-coming electrical storage solutions in the world, InnoEnergy launched a call last year with great success, receiving over 220 applications! On 21 March, the finalists will gather at Amsterdam’s historic Beurs van Berlage to pitch their solutions in front of a high-profile jury to bid to become one of the top  winners and compete for the final grand prize of €100,000.


Join us at the Business Booster 2019

The Business Booster brings together more than 800 attendees from over 40 countries, consisting of start-ups, energy industry representatives, financial communities, policy makers and regulators. To stay up to date be sure to sign up for the newsletter below. Save the date: The Business Booster is coming to Paris, France from 3-4 October 2019!


Join us at PowerUp! 2019

Join PowerUp! 2019, the biggest competition for start-ups from Central-Eastern Europe. Participants have a chance to compete for the main prize of 50 000€ and the opportunity to develop their business on a global scale. Benefits include accessing international clients, as well as financial investment up to 150 000€.